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Ancestors of our chapter members served in many states.  We are very proud of our ancestors.

New Jersey

Samuel Beakes, ENS

Margaret Eaton Berrien, PS

Moses Bloomfield, STAFFOF PS

Jonathan Bunn, PVT

Edward Cornell, PS

Jacob Dilts, PS PVT

Daniel Drake, CS

Enoch Drake, PVT

Thomas Drake, LT

Errick Errickson, PVT

Joseph Fisher, PVT

John Forman, PS

Jonathan Forman, CRT

Benjamin Gifford, PVT *

Philip Hart, PVT

George Holcomb, MAJ

Amos Howell, PS

Joshua Howell, PS

William Hurley, PVT

William Johnson, PS

Joseph Jones, PS

Joseph Lambert, SOL CS

Isaac Lippincott, PS

Richard Lott, LTC

William Marsh Sr., PS

William Montgomery, MAJ

Andrew Muirheid, PS

Jonathan Muirheid, PVT

James Patten, CRT

Joseph Reading, Sr., CS PS

Joseph Reading, Jr., SOL

John Reed, PS

Joseph Reed, PS

William Rogers, PS

Jacob Shinn, PS

Jacob Shotwell, PVT PS

John Smith, PS

Solomon Titus, PVT

Robert Updike, PVT

David Vail, PS

Samuel Winds, CPL PS

Samuel Wooley, PVT PS


Benjamin Adams, CS PS

William Gee, LT

Ambrose Humphrey, SGT

North Carolina

Robert Tripp, PS CS

Edward Walker, PVT


Moses Bartlett, Sr., CS

Moses Bartlett, Jr., SOL

Seth Bartlett, SOL

Josiah Blood, SGT

Daniel Brooks, PVT

David Goodwin, CPL

Amasa Hartwell, CS

Jedediah Hurd, SGT PS **

Samuel Locke, LT

Douglas Marsh, PVT

Timothy Moore, CS

Jonathan Philbrick, PS ***

William Reed Sr., CAPT

Samuel Stewart, PVT

Eleazer Stickney, LT

William Stickney Sr., CS PS

Timothy Vinton, PVT

Joseph Watrous, SGT

Fortunatus Wheeler, PVT


Anthony Beaver, PVT

Michael Boyer, PVT ****

Jacob Gominger, PS

Daniel Hellman, PVT

Benjamin Hendreicks, PVT

Zachariah Rice, PVT PS

Michael Scholl, PVT

Peter VanSant, CAPT PS

Michael Zerbe, SGT

New York

James Clark, PVT

Alexander Flood, PVT

Francis Losee, PVT CS PS

Albert Van Nostrand, PS

New Hampshire

Ezekiel Gilman Adams, PS

Joseph Adams, Jr., CS

Daniel Brewster, PS

Benjamin Brown, PS

Jason Chamberlain, PVT NS

Simon Drake, PS

Abner Fogg, Sr., PS

Abner Fogg, Jr., PS

Jonathan Fogg, PVT

Joseph Hadlock, PS

Paul Hayes, Sr., PS

Eliakim Howe, PS

Josiah Jones, PS

Joshua Lane, CS

James Langley, CS PS

William Locke, Jr., PS

William Locke, Sr., PS

John Lucy, CS PS

John Montgomery, CS PS

Jonathan Montgomery, PS

Joshua Otis, Sr., PS

Micajah Otis, PS

Daniel Page, PS

Thomas Patch, PVT

Peter Patterson, CS PS

Thomas Patterson, PS

Jonathan Philbrick, PS ***

Abijah Pinkham, SGT

Thomas Pinkham, PVT

Samuel Pitman, LT PS

Gideon Randall, PVT

Nathaniel Randall, PVT PS

James Rundlett, PS

John Stearns, PVT

Josiah Howe Stearns, PS

Moses Thompson, PS

James Wallace, CS PS

William Watson, PVT

Benjamin Wiggin, CPL

Tufton Wiggin, PS


George Anderson, PVT

Michael Boyer, PVT ****

Benjamin Gifford, PVT *

Samuel Lane, PVT

James McCamish, SOL

William Whitfield, PVT


Jedediah  Hurd, SGT PS **

Moses Hurd, SGT

Jonathan Spear, PVT

Benjamin Dexter, SGT

Henry Ray, SOL

Rhode Island


James Fairbanks, PVT

John Locke, PVT

South Carolina

William Carraway, SGT


* served in New Jersey and Virginia

** served in Massachusetts and Vermont

*** served in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

**** served in Pennsylania and Virginia

Patriotic Service Legend:

CAPT — Captain
COL — Colonel

CRT— Cornet

ENS — Ensign

LT — Lieutenant
LTC – Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ — Major

NONCOM — Non-Commissioned Officer

PS — Patriotic Service 
PVT — Private

SGT — Sergeant 

SOL — Soldier 

STAFFOF – Staff Officer

Image Credits: State Seals, State Symbols USA